1. Students may have to stay back or come in the evening for sports practice and other activities whenever such requirement is felt by the school.
2. Student should attend school regularly. No student will be allowed to sit for the  examination unless he / she meets the criteria for minimum attendance (75% of the number of working days) in the academic year.
3. No collection for any celebration/event should be made without the prior permission of the Principal.
4. Whenever the students leave the class room for P.T. , Library, Laboratory, etc. they must walk along the corridors, stairs and around pathways in double file and in silence. Students are not allowed to remain in the class room during recess or PT periods. Once on the playground, they should not return to the class room without the permission of the concerned teacher.
5. Students should always be neatly dressed, with their shoes polished and hair done properly. They should turn out in school uniform daily and on all school functions.
6. Students are advised not to bring costly articles to the school. Any loss of articles or money should be reported to the class or subject teacher immediately. The school shall not be responsible for such losses. 
7. Students must take care of the school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on the walls or disfiguring school property will be dealt with strictly. Reports regarding damage to school property should be made to the Class Teacher or the Coordinator.